Relationship / Couple / Family Therapy


Relationship/couple/family counselling or therapy is aimed at exploration and understanding of couple’s/family’s present relationship(s) with the hope of improving through a better understanding of each other and resolving existing issues that cause distress. My task is to help people to recognise the process of patterned behaviour and find a way to remain open to hear what is being said in the moment. Everybody is entitled to have different views and opinions and it is important to identify the underlying issues that prevent couples/family members from dialogue and productive conversation.

The power of a rigidly established pattern of moves often blocks clients’ awareness or capacity for contact with each other. People end up in miscommunication, misunderstanding, unpleasant conflicts, arguments, blaming and accusing each other resulting in an unhealthy couple/family dynamic.

I encourage couple/family members to slow their process down by offering non-judgemental and empathic understanding and modelling good listening and comprehension skills. This encourages them to adapt and eliminate unhelpful accusations or blame.