Frequently Asked Questions


Is your service confidential?

I belong to a professional body, BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), so I am committed to abide by their ethical guidelines regarding confidentiality. I treat all information disclosed to me as strictly confidential, no information will be passed to anyone without your consent with the following exceptions:

  • In circumstances of risk of serious physical, emotional or sexual harm to you or others

  • In the instance of any information shared indicating a child is at risk by anybody.

Even in these exceptional circumstances, attempts will be made to involve you in decisions about how the disclosure should be made as long as this does not cause a delay and/or create further risk to yourself and/or others.


How do online therapy sessions work?

For online sessions, I use the Zoom platform, a free encrypted video communication and audio conferencing service. Online therapy is very useful and beneficial to people who struggle to get out or have busy lives or have limited or no local face to face opportunities.


How frequently do therapy sessions take place?

The usual and effective practice is once a week. However, depending on the issue and your overall health, you can also choose to do it once every two weeks. This is discussed during your first appointment. Of course, there will be times when you have other important commitments such as planned holidays, work meetings, etc. and need to schedule appointments accordingly.


How many sessions do I need?

Depending on your needs and financial situation you can choose to do either short term, like 6 sessions, or long-term work where you require many sessions. Please note good therapy is always useful and beneficial regardless of its length as it is about quality rather than quantity. For instance, you can get solution-focused therapy for 6 and under appointments where you can explore, identify the issues and deal with them more effectively through gaining new insight and coping strategies. During long-term work, you can target specific psychological, performance issues and non-explained medical conditions. You can do in-depth work and reduce/clear residues and wounds that create issues in the first place and interfere with our everyday quality functioning and block your creativity and potentials.

It helps to be realistic as there is no magic bullet or short cuts to achieve a full recovery and true healing quickly. Once again this is discussed during your first appointment.


Do you carry insurance, disclosure and PVG?

I carry Professional Liability Insurance to cover all aspects of my work. The detailed certificate is displayed in my office and a copy can be obtained on request. I also have an Enhanced Disclosure and I am a member of PVG Scheme (children and adults).


Do you undertake insurance or EAP work?

I am an approved practitioner by Healthcare RM (Health Risk Management) and affiliate counsellor for Health Assurer (Employment Assistance Program and Occupational Health Provider) in the UK. Please check the requirements of your health insurance or EAP provider, I am more than happy to supply the necessary documentation and liaise with your case manager if you have one and it is needed.


What times can I make an appointment?

my working hours are only 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday or regretfully I no longer offer late afternoons, evening and weekends appointments.