You can find more information about attachment theory, hot it impacts us and the importance of working with the window of tolerance by going into the following websites:



You can find more information about trauma and dissociation by clicking the following links:



Somatic (Somatoform) Dissociation (Pseudo neurological Symptoms and Stress Related Issues) is when the mental disorder manifests as physical symptoms, illnesses such as Chronic Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Non-epileptic Seizures, etc). Follow the suggested links to find out more:

WEBPAGE - Medically Unexplained symptoms

WEBPAGE - Dissociative Symptoms - 'feeling spaced out'

The following link explains the difference between having and feeling emotions, it gives you a clue as to what is happening inside you and how your psychological issues are related to your body and vice versa:

VIDEO - How Our Brains Feel Emotion