Study Group Testimonies


Being part of the supervision and the study group has fundamentally supported me to take the learning from trauma courses and integrate it successfully into my practice. Ulia generously uses her in-depth knowledge and experience as a trauma practitioner, to encourage us individually and as a group in our growth and development and to make the best use of resources for the benefit of our clients. The mutual support of the group has been invaluable and I would recommend joining a group as soon as possible.

(SY, psychotherapist from Edinburgh)

I have been part of Ulia's trauma study group for the past two years now and her in depth knowledge of trauma has really informed my practice. Before I joined Ulia's group, I always felt that clients who presented with complex trauma needed tools to use out with sessions and I was consistently left with a sense of feeling out of my depth dealing with clients who had suffered complex trauma. However, Ulia's knowledge and support have been invaluable in allowing me to feel that I am working within my competency when working with trauma. I have deepened my knowledge and understanding of trauma which has allowed me to offer psychoeducation to clients, as well as teaching them techniques to use out with sessions. The most fundamental aspect of the support has been in feeling confident about not re-traumatising a client who is processing traumatic memories. Being able to hold a client in this process has been incredibly profound at times. Ulia's group has offered guidance, support and ongoing development of knowledge and techniques for which I am thankful for.

(PM, counsellor from Livingston)

The study group has been a great support to me in underpinning my practice with trauma. It has afforded a safe place to consolidate the learning I achieved from the different trainings and to further explore the nuances of the theory in the context of real case studies. Ulia’s generous approach, both in sharing of her considerable skill and knowledge, as well as welcoming us to her home, has provided an environment of trust, which I have truly valued over the months I have attended.

(MC, counsellor from Borders)