Supervision Testimonies


In sharing supervision space with Ulia I find her to be wholeheartedly present and attentive. She has invested not just in my development as a practitioner but in encouraging my continuing education, expanding my growth academically, expressing interest in my career and in my needs as a person. My experience of Ulia is that she cares deeply for the needs of her supervisees and is passionate about helping others find themselves as practitioners in the field of therapy. Supervision sessions with her are for me restorative, direct and supportive.

(RW, counsellor from Edinburgh)

Ulia is a very wise supervisor and shares her wisdom and expertise in a very generous manner. Ulia is both encouraging and supportive, important qualities to help improve my client work. I look forward to my supervision sessions in the knowledge my practice will be enhanced.

(LA, counsellor from Edinburgh)

As a support worker for people who have experienced sexual violence it was really important to me to have a supervisor with experience of working with trauma. Ulia’s knowledge and experience regarding the effects of trauma has been really helpful in allowing me to be reflective in my practice and aware of the impact my work has on my own wellbeing. Ulia has a friendly and flexible approach and always creates a relaxing, open atmosphere for supervision.

(KA, support worker from Edinburgh)