Therapy Testimonies


At a time when I was recovering from a riding accident and dealing with the impact of other personal events, I felt I had hit a brick wall and said as such to my Alexander Practitioner. On his recommendation, I contacted Ulia for help. I did not know what to expect, however, on meeting Ulia I knew I was in safe hands. Clearly very professional and skilled in her field and passionate about CRM work, Ulia works from the heart and always has the client's wellbeing in mind - at the same time no stone is left unturned. In a short time, working with Ulia has been transformational for me and very healing. I feel a significant improvement in my physical and emotional wellbeing a change noticed by friends, family and colleagues. It has also helped me to regain an important relationship with my sister and deal with the trauma experienced through the passing of my mum. Put simply - Ulia has helped me find my true self

(FH, 63 years old female from West Coast of Scotland, had short-term work).


I have been suffering from PTSD and suicidal depression for about 20 years.  After a horse riding accident that left me disabled, I contracted ME and was bed ridden for 2 years. I had attended CBT therapy through the NHS, but it made things worse rather than better. I also attended private talking therapies, but it didn’t help me really deal with my situation. I was referred to Ulia as a PTSD specialist who would be able to treat my issues. She has helped me to get to the root of my issues and I am now able to deal with situations without being triggered into a PTSD episode. She is very thorough in her approach and is very sensitive to her clients’ needs. I am now active nearly every day and have even started going to the gym. I am also finally reducing my antidepressants and am looking forward to an antidepressant free life shortly. I cannot recommend Ulia enough for the treatment of PTSD.

(SM, 43 years old female from Dundee, having long-term therapy).


Having been referred to Ulia for helping me to deal with the impact of various types of abuse I have experienced, she has been lifesaving and changing for me. Her professionalism, knowledge, timing and accurately used techniques with such good results always amazed me. She has such a way of understanding and reasoning. She helped me to dealt with events in my life, full of trauma, and has given me the confidence to handle all, every day, situations. I have been given my life back. Every session I left drained but so uplifted. Ulia is a truly amazing psychotherapist and I would highly recommend her. Thank you Ulia

(CM, 58 years old female from Edinburgh, had long-term therapy).


I’ve had ‘anger management issues’ for years, I think they started about 22 years ago. My thought process around these was simple. That I am just an angry person. My father and mother were angry so I am angry, it’s genetic or hereditary. When I got angry I would later say, “I have a lot on my mind”, which was true. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with Ulia and to experience her style of therapy. I feel now like I can look back at the version of myself I was before our sessions and really see what’s changed.  Like the way I can now recognise defence responses being triggered (like panic, anxiety or rage) and how I understand where they come from and why I have them. For me, that understanding has been the first step towards removing damaging feelings and thoughts that I’ve had for as long as I can remember.  For example, for years I’ve had an inability to switch off from work. Hours later I could still find myself miles away, spinning thoughts around and disconnected from the situation I’m in with the people that I love. This would really manifest itself if something negative happened at work, particularly if that had involved criticism. I would place a disproportionate level of importance on minor events and disregard the years of good work I had done, choosing to look primarily at these ‘problems’. This could escalate to the point where these minor events could have an impact on my state of mind and in turn on my behaviour and my relationships with my family.

I know now that this disproportionate response is linked to an attachment I have to my work. I know that attachment is linked to feelings of low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. With Ulia’s help I’ve come to understand why I have these feelings, that they aren’t reflective of who I am and like some sort of switch, it helps turn them off and I can focus on what’s important to me. In my line of work someone said to me “The easiest way to remove waste is to stop doing something”. So, I chose to stop, because this is a terrible type of waste. The techniques and the conversations I have had have helped me immeasurably. My relationship with my family has changed positively as a direct result of being more grounded, genuinely there as opposed to there in body but not in mind.

In closing, I’d say it took me well over a decade to realise that something needed to change and that I wasn’t going to be able to do that myself. Now, I could think of all the time I’ve wasted but then I realise that most people probably go their whole life just accepting things for the way they are. It doesn’t need to be that way. While the sessions have finished, the journey of cementing my learning continues. I want this to be the new norm and to Ulia I would say “thank you” are two short words to describe the gift you have given me

(JP, 37 years old male from Edinburgh, had short-term therapy).