Trauma Therapy


Trauma therapy allows clients to release their traumatic materials and say once and for all goodbye to flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, disruptive sleeping, etc that not only prevent them from a quality life but also block any true and deep creativity that they possess without the risk of being re-traumatised again that unfortunately, many clients face in various settings.

Talking, good solid counselling/ psychotherapy is an essential foundation and vital for any type of healing therapy but in the eyes of trauma specialists, it is not sufficient when it comes to working with an unhealed trauma that takes over people’s lives. Most of those traumas, especially multiple and complex ones, are not in the clients’ conscious awareness (people can’t remember) and the majority are associated with childhood memories and attachment issues. Clients can present issues that might be obvious and we can spend lots of time helping them to explore and focus on them but this approach does not necessarily achieve true healing. The next time clients come across something; they are triggered again, relapse into similar states and experience various physical symptoms that forces them to seek help from GPs and other health professionals.

The knowledge of trauma/threat and how to work with it effectively helps any client who is seeking therapy and major changes. Whether we think and perceive we had a traumatic/threatening experience or not, specifically choose to work on it or not, psychoeducation can help to understand our brains responses to the external environment, other people and in particular what is happening inside us. It helps increasing clients’ awareness of their process, puts light on their thoughts, feelings, sensations and patterns of behaviour.